Black Sheep Retreat Sanctuary is a non-profit Animal Sanctuary, with a Vegan Self Care Retreat, located just outside Cancun, Mexico

Our goal is to rescue as many animals as we can and provide a high standard of animal care

With only eight farm animal sanctuaries in the entire country of Mexico, we aim to give a much needed home to an array of species rescued from slaughter or abusive and exploitative situations

We also aim to give a peaceful space for people to come and enjoy time in nature, surrounded by safe and happy animals, something different than what we experience in our everyday world.

The Sanctuary


The animal care will always be the first and foremost priority at Black Sheep Retreat. Black Sheep Retreat is a high quality care sanctuary, with each animal getting individual attention and care allowing their personalities to really open up and shine through. something I’ve had the honor to experience while being a smaller sanctuary with such individual care. I have noticed that when placed in smaller herds, the individuality shines through and I will keep this going with multiple habitats filled with smaller families so I can better cater to their individual personalities and personal likes and dislikes.

 High quality animal care and giving a peaceful home to as many animals as possible with the high quality care is our number one focus.

Black Sheep Retreat currently sits on 6.7 acres of Jungle land, although if I was able to grow in the future, there is land on both sides of the property currently for sale.

The number of animals I will be able to rescue will depend on a range of things, including the species of animals and the amount of financial support we gain.

The Retreat


There will be one B&B studio room on site, also a non profit, as everything the B&B earns will go to animal care expenses. The vegan self care retreat aims to give vegans and activists a peaceful place in nature to regroup from the burn-out of living in a non vegan world or introduce people to the world of veganism and anti speciesism. This also aims to be a place for people to learn about speciesism, plant based eating and veganism while connecting with the animals.

As a plant based cook offering meal plans within the retreat, I will also offer packages on teaching plant based cooking for newly transitioning vegans, and on animal care to encourage activists to create their own mini sanctuaries at home.

The retreat will always stay small for an individual experience and to be sure that animal care is always our first and foremost priority, while providing supplemental income to help offset the financial costs of animal care and allowing people to make individual connections with our animals, promoting long term support.

On site activities will include meditations, yoga classes, in room massages or spa treatments, temezcals, cooking classes and animal care classes.

We are located just outside of Cancun, Mexico, in between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, a place known for tourism and for fun and exciting excursions based around the natural beauty of the Caribbean.

We will also be able to work with tour companies setting up off site excursions for visitors, including scuba diving, snorkeling, visits to Mayan ruins, swimming in the natural cenotes, paddle boarding, beach trips, skydiving, kite surfing, and more!

The retreat aims to stay small, with one group of visitors at a time; however, we will have designated days for tours if someone is visiting the area and wants to visit the sanctuary without staying at the retreat.

One of the draws to this land is the serenity it provides, which we don’t want to lose with groups of people staying on property, but also to be certain that the retreat never shadows the animal care. We are first and foremost an animal sanctuary.